Most common mistakes when flying

There are casual air travel passengers, and then there are expert flyers. The former book their flights after only a few minutes of research while the latter spend hours or even days to get the best deals

Not doing your due diligence can prove to be a costly mistake during your next flight. There are several mistakes that you make when flying and which separate you from the expert flyer status. Here are the most common ones:

Not booking your seats

Most airlines may charge extra for you to book a specific seat. Since flight fares are usually expensive, paying an extra fee does not fall nicely with many buyers out there.

However, if you do not book a seat when buying the flight fare, you may risk being assigned a random seat that could ruin your entire pleasure of traveling.

For example, if you are traveling with your partner, you will be assigned different seats on opposite sides of the plane. If you are booking an airline that crams three seats on a single row, you may be assigned the one in the middle, which is the nightmare of all air travelers, especially if you are sitting between two crying babies.

Nevertheless, the worst seat that the airline can assign for you is by the corridor and just outside the toilets. It means that you will have people hovering over your head as they wait in line throughout your flight, not to mention the nauseating fragrance that will reach your nostrils regularly.


Many air travelers dress to impress whether they will be on a plane for an hour or a transoceanic 12-hour flight.

Even if this is your first time up in the air, you should dress as comfortable as you can. Think about the clothes that you usually lounge in around your home. Everything that feels like a pajama but can pass for casual streetwear should be your best choice when flying.

At the end of the day, nobody cares about your in-flight costume, and choosing clothes or shoes that are too tight can make the entire experience extremely uncomfortable. You will have plenty of better chances of showing off your new shoes or your tuxedo when you arrive at your destination.

Not having a backup plan

Most people do the mistake of booking a flight and believing that nothing can go wrong with it. If you’re from Finland, and experience such problems with WizzAir, for example, here’s one useful resource you need to remember – Wizz Air – lennon viivästyskorvaus. Unfortunately, statistics say that there is a significant chance for you to experience a flight delay or even a cancelation.

For various reasons, airlines may delay your flight and ruin your entire traveling itinerary. Without a backup solution, you may see your business meetings postponed or precious vacation days lost.

Your best choice is to prepare for such a dire situation long before you even reach the airport. Contact a professional company that deals with flight delays and which is an expert in this field. With their help, you can claim compensation if a flight delay or cancelation comes with substantial inconveniences.